Sandra Kranich (Feuerwerk 8.6.2012, 2012)

Sandra Kranich created her "Feuerwerk 8.6.2012" (Firework 8.6.2012), a shiny golden sculpture consisting of brand-new tin cans, in the middle of the Vulkanplatz in Zürich, a large construction site. The containers, numbering more than 10,000 and familiar to us from our life as food consumers, form a symbolic pyre recalling the celebrations of August 1st. And as the golden heap is located on Vulkanplatz, it stands to reason that it appears as a monumental volcano. The artist, who has not only studied art but also holds a diploma in pyrotechnics, has fitted the tin cans with fireworks in such a manner that they will be activated in a precise choreography for the exhibition opening and on August 1st.

SANDRA KRANICH, D, *1971, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main

Cooperation with AG KiöR, Zürich

Supported by Hirt & Co. Fireworks AG

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