Saâdane Afif (The Soapbox of Schiffbauplatz, 2012)

As a conceptual artist Saâdane Afif has no use for brush and canvas. “His materials are thoughts,” Eva Huttenlauch notes, “transient words and events. His location is the entire city.” For the project "The Soapbox of Schiffbauplatz", developed specifically for ART AND THE CITY, Afif placed the bronze imitation of a soap box in front of the Theater im Schiffbau. The sculpture serves as a pedestal for an actress who steps on it daily to recite a text commissioned by Afif and written by poets, philosophers, actors, musicians, craftsmen or other artists. The subtle reflection on the publication of art, on culture and civilization, is a recurrent element in many works by the French artist. As well as in world cultural history, from Athenian democracy to Speakers’ Corner, from performance to happening.

SAÂDANE AFIF, F, *1970, lives and works in Berlin

Courtesy of RaebervonStenglin, Zurich

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