Pierre Haubensak (Netz, 2011)

At Turbinenstrasse 12/14 in Zürich-West, the flâneur encounters an isolated piece of property dating from the late nineteenth century, surrounded by picturesque garden plots. Turbinenstrasse circles in a tight curve around this house, which is enclosed on all sides by new buildings or construction sites. At this interface and breaking point of various themes of modern urban development, the Zürich artist Pierre Haubensak has created a monumental wall painting, an abstract image that calls into question conventional principles of organization. It is supported by the very firewall which came into being when the city of Zürich tore down the part of the house owned by it. Until the legal dispute between the owners of the remaining property and the city has been resolved, the artistically marked firewall remains a widely visible symbol of an interrupted process of transformation—a beautiful wound in the cityscape.

ALEX HANIMANN, CH, *1935, lives and works in Zürich

Cooperation with AG KiöR, Zürich

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