Not Vital (The No Problem Sculpture, 2012)

Not Vital’s The No Problem Sculpture is a mediator between cultures. The monumental block is made of special concrete, the sum of its edge lengths measures 81 meters and thus corresponds to the height of the Mobimo Tower in Zürich-West. It has a counterpart in Agadez, an oasis of the Sahara Desert in Niger, where for many years Not Vital has repeatedly built architecture-sculptures. A well shaft, drilled into the desert sands to an analogous depth of 81 meters, forms an integral component of The No Problem Sculpture. The work of art is simultaneously provider of life and meeting point for the community—and a social sculpture in the best sense. Not Vital’s The No Problem Sculpture furthermore addresses several fundamental issues of art in public spaces: its relationship to context, the functionalization of art, vandalism, maintenance, etc. For Not Vital’s work, all of this is “no problem.”

NOT VITAL, CH, *1948, lives and works in Sent, Agadez, New York and Beijing

Cooperation with Mobimo, Zürich

Courtesy of Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing – Lucerne

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