Michael Meier & Christoph Franz (Tankstelle, 2012)

The works of the artist duo Michael Meier & Christoph Franz focus on the reconstruction of reality as model—a reality that can extend into all dimensions of time. For ART AND THE CITY Meier & Franz have constructed a wooden gas station on an abandoned lot by the highway. But there is no gasoline for sale here, nor cigarettes or take-away pizzas: the building is vacant, a ruin, and thus symbolizes a future that manages without fossil fuel and the buildings associated with it. Tankstelle, however, is not just an insightful reminiscence of a past belief in progress current during the age of the car, but a very astute reflection on the aesthetic consequences of the rise and fall of cultures.

MICHAEL MEIER / CHRISTOPH FRANZ, A / D, *1980 / 1982, live and work in Zürich

Cooperation with AG KiöR, Zürich

Supported by Jago AG Holz- und Spezialwerkstoffe

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