Maurizio Cattelan (Toiletpaper, 2012)

Maurizio Cattelan, who is from Milan but lives in New York, is one of the leading artists of the present. His retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York last fall was a sensation and constituted the self-proclaimed conclusion of his career as an artist. In the past, Cattelan has often provoked with works in public spaces—e.g. a group of children’s dolls hanged from a tree in the city center of Milan, or a marble “fuck you” finger in front of the Milan Stock Exchange. Since 2010 he has been publishing a magazine with the title Toiletpaper. Though conventionally distributed, it completely dispenses with texts, consisting instead of a collection of particularly bizarre or shocking subjects gathered by Cattelan from all kinds of sources. Starting in August a number of covers of the magazine will be put up as posters throughout the city of Zürich, but even though they appear to be advertisements for Toiletpaper they are in fact forgeries, for these covers never actually existed—a typical Cattelan ruse.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN, I, *1960, lives and works in New York

Cooperation with the Kunsthalle Zürich