Matt Mullican (ART AND THE CITY MAP, 2012)

With his predilection for typography and cartography, the American artist Matt Mullican has spent more than thirty years vividly expressing his visions of hypothetical urban spaces and cosmological models through precise visualizations and pictograms. In these, every color is assigned a specific symbolic meaning. For example, green stands for matter, blue for the everyday world, yellow for ideas, white and black for language, and red for the subjective. Mullican calls this model of perception “the theory of the five worlds.” It serves him as an ordering system for his approach to art, illustrating the relationship between the world and its representation. The artist is particularly interested in how we give meaning to symbols and systems of symbols. For ART AND THE CITY Mullican has drawn a map of the city, marking the locations of the art works. “I see Zürich-West as an island between river and railroad tracks,” Mullican remarked after reconnoitering the district.

MATT MULLICAN, USA, * 1951, lives and works in Berlin

Courtesy of Mai 36 Galerie, Zürich