Marjetica Potrc/Eva Pfannes, Sylvain Hartenberg (Ooze) (The Public Space Society, 2012)

The Public Space Society is an experiment that articulates a shared public space organized and managed by residents on the neighbourhood level. Inspired by the knowledge and self-organizational experience of the Swiss Genossenschaft, The Public Space Society attempts to design a new model of public space by taking into consideration all pertinent parties: the owner of the land, the users, nearby residents, visitors, and the citizens of Zurich. This experiment is carried out on a building site in Zurich West. A temporary open public space is installed and demarcated by over-sized markers, which form a lightweight construction in the shape of a square. In Switzerland, when someone applies for a building permit, they have to erect a Baugespann – a set of markers that indicate the size and shape of the future building. The Public Space Society employs a similar Baugespann to mark a symbolic void in the city and encourage the public to participate in a discussion about how the neighbourhood's future square will be shaped.

MARJETICA POTRC, SI, *1953, lives and works in Ljubljana and Berlin

EVA PFANNES, D, *1970, lives and works in Rotterdam

SYLVAIN HARTENBERG, F, *1968, lives and works in Rotterdam

Supported by Reto Bonomo (structural engineer), Leo Kok (steel worker), Tiggelovend-Kok BV

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