Jorge Macchi (Limmat, 2012)

The Argentine artist Jorge Macchi practices a special form of cartography: he cast the course of the Limmat in a nine-meter-long concrete sculpture—as a petrified symbol of the vital urban artery which was first a path of transportation, then a provider of energy, and is today a space of rest and recreation for city dwellers weary of civilization. “His river object is a contradiction in itself”, writes renowned art critic Claudia Jolles. “The river embodies the flowing, the intangible. However, in this work, something flowing has been cast in concrete. What is missing here is the fixed links, the bridges. He plays with transforming corporeal objects into something abstract—and back into the corporeal and tangible.”

JORGE MACCHI, ARG, *1963, lives and works in Buenos Aires

Courtesy of Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich