Heimo Zobernig (Untitled (Love/Hate), 2012)

On the facade of a building from the 1950s housing the Restaurant Tizziani, so popular in the art scene, a light box by the Austrian conceptual artist Heimo Zobernig is promoting, for the duration of the exhibition, not beer, but Love and Hate. Zobernig employs subtle means to infiltrate the public space and brazenly uses a tool of communication more typical of advertising. At second sight the viewer will notice that the typography and design of the square light box refer to well-known art-historical precursors: Robert Indiana’s LOVE of 1964 with its reference to the Flower Power movement, as well as AIDS by General Idea (1989), using the same font to point out the possible consequences of free love.

HEIMO ZOBERNIG, A, *1958, lives and works in Vienna

Courtesy of 2m2, Geneva

With the friendly assistance of Restaurant Tizziani, Zürich