Hamish Fulton (Limmat Art Walk, 2012)

The work of the English artist Hamish Fulton deals with the physical experience of space. “An object cannot compete with an experience” is the artistic leitmotif to which he has been giving expression in performances and procedural works of art since the late 1960s. On June 23, Hamish Fulton staged an “Art Walk” on the walkway along the Limmat. Two groups of more than 100 people each walked in single file, approaching each other from two different points along the course of the river. The two lines of people crossed paths and separated again, with the common experience in space, the flow of the movements and moving in a flow generating a unique experience of time and space.

HAMISH FULTON, GB, *1946, lives and works in Canterbury

Courtesy of Häusler Contemporary, Munich/Zürich

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