Fred Sandback (Untitled, 1985/2012)

The re-contextualization and reconfiguration of constructed spaces was the central focus of the interventions by the American artist Fred Sandback (1943–2003). For ART AND THE CITY, a Sandback installation was for the first time adapted to a semi-public space. In the Kaltfoyer of the Schiffbau, a former factory building converted into a municipal theater, twenty-nine acrylic strings are stretched in parallel lines from the nine-meter-high ceiling to the floor, creating an “optical curtain” that permits a new experience of space. This creates new associations—such as in linking art and theater in the shape of a curtain dividing any stage from the audience.

FRED SANDBACK, USA, 1943-2003 

Courtesy of Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zürich

Fred Sandback ©2012 Fred Sandback Archive

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