Franziska Furter (Mojo, 2012)

Mojo is the title of an installation by the young Swiss artist Franziska Furter. Mojo is an English word of African origin that stands for luck, but also for self-confidence and sex-appeal. The object conveys this optimistic message not the least in its colorful appearance: Furter constructed Mojo from around 100 different wind chimes that she collected from friends, on flea markets, at secondhand shops, or on eBay. Moved by the wind, this theatrical symbol of European balcony decoration turns into a poetic statement for the cultural diversity particularly apparent in the industrial quarter. Mojo is a “super amulet,” Christiane Rekade writes in the catalogue, “almost as if Franziska Furter wanted to protect the new district Zürich-West from evil spirits.”

FRANZISKA FURTER, CH, *1972, lives and works in Basel and Berlin

Courtesy of Lullin + Ferrari, Zürich

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