Frank Stella (De Schouw, 2012)

References to an economy dominated by heavy industry, as has marked the Zürich Kreis 5 for more than a century, are obvious in the oeuvre of Frank Stella. Stella, who is one of the preeminent representatives of American art, has had exhibitions in all major museums of the world. His assemblages, with which he has carried out manifold interventions in other places, are based on prefabricated construction materials, such as perforated sheet metal, grates, plastic tarps, beams, that is to say materials that were once widespread in Zürich’s industrial quarter. De Schouw is the title of his work, set on a large pedestal in the garden of a single-family home and putting on its “show”.

FRANK STELLA, USA, *1936, lives and works in New York

Courtesy of More Gallery, Giswil/CH

With the friendly assistance of Sergej Klammer, Zürich

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