Doug Aitken (Skyliner, 2004)

Today’s wars for attention are waged in public spaces. Because the style of confrontation occasionally tends to violate the limits of what is bearable and justifiable, communication in public spaces is regulated so as to protect the cityscape. "Skyliner" by Doug Aitken is a sound sculpture whose form is reminiscent of playful mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder but which, in the context of the shopping center Puls 5, formulates an acoustic position contrary to the sales-promoting Muzak of the shopping mall.

DOUG AITKEN, USA , *1968, lives and works in Los Angeles

Walter A. Bechtler-Stiftung, Zurich

Courtesy of Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich 

With the generous support of Puls 5

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