Christian Jankowski (Die Grosse Geste, 2012)

What impact can art have today? What languages must it speak in order to draw attention to itself? Against what must it guard itself? What right does it have to exist? What social responsibility can it assume? ART AND THE CITY makes it clear that art raising these questions can once again, after a long abstinence, take part in a public discourse. A discourse, by the way, that is at the center of Christian Jankowsi’s enchantingly ironical work Die Große Geste (“The Grand Gesture”). An installation in three parts, it challenges us in asking about Orte für die Kunst? (“Sites for Art?”). Or Rolle der Kunst? (“The Role of Art?”) Only to deliver, as a matter of course, a host of answers, that is to say locations all over the place. What Jankowski is obviously telling us, is that there can never be enough art!

CHRISTIAN JANKOWSKI, D, *1968, lives and works in Berlin

Courtesy of Grieder Contemporary, Zürich/Berlin

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