Beat Zoderer (Suprematistisches Tram, 2012)

For ART AND THE CITY, the Swiss artist Beat Zoderer has transformed a VBZ streetcar into a work of art. Zoderer has developed his artistic intervention from the ten colors used by the Zürich tram service to distinguish its lines. A delicate network of irregular and diagonally arranged color lines is stretched across the trolley cars. The impact of the lines is enhanced by the fact that Zoderer had the streetcars first painted entirely in white. This basically creates a rolling painting, with a transformative effect on the cityscape.
Zoderer is a brilliant commentator on art history, transporting it into the present with customary humor and panache. The title Suprematist Tram refers to the Russian avant-garde of the early 20th century, a period when the belief in technology and progress was still running high. The principle of the right angle also dates from this period—a design principle that Zoderer counteracts with his wild composition. Zoderer sums up his intention in a single sentence: “to be sand in the transmission.”

BEAT ZODERER, CH, *1955, lives and works in Wettingen/CH

Cooperation with Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich

Project sponsor: Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG

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