Alex Hanimann (Vanessa, 2012)

The conceptual artist Alex Hanimann from St. Gallen provides one of the most eye-catching works of the exhibition in the city, Vanessa. The monumental sculpture was originally intended for the inner courtyard of a high school in Heerbrugg. Since the building has not yet been completed, the sculpture is temporarily located at the Steinfelsplatz. Hanimann is concerned with prototypes, symbols with a superordinate function, an approach that is also apparent in his monumental sculpture made of chrome steel. Based on a casting conducted among the female students of the high school he has extrapolated something like the prototype of the teenager: the 15-year old Vanessa, who now acts as the symbol of a particular period of life and time, and puts its stamp on the cityscape.

ALEX HANIMANN, CH, *1955, lives and works in St. Gallen

Cooperation with Kunstgiesserei, St. Gallen

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